Wild Warrior Nutrition MAP Policy

Wild Warrior Nutrition brand vitamins and nutritional supplements are evidence-based, cutting-edge, premium- quality products. Wild Warrior Nutrition, LLC (the “Company”) is committed to maintaining the Wild Warrior Nutrition brand value, integrity and exceptional customer satisfaction developed over more than 30 years in the industry. 

The Company has established this Minimum Advertised Price (“MAP”) Policy for Wild Warrior Nutrition products (the “Products”). For purposes of the Policy, “Resellers” include all authorized distributors and wholesalers (“Authorized Resellers”), as well as third party customers (i.e., Authorized Resellers’ customers) that resell Wild Warrior Nutrition products to consumers. 

To foster and support the ability of all Resellers to offer exceptional customer service and consumer education about Wild Warrior Nutrition products, effective December 3, 2021: 

1. MAP

• For purposes of the Policy, the "MAP" means the single-unit price set by the Company, as reflected on the Wild Warrior Nutrition website, www.WildWarriorNutrition.com. Where the Company advertises a multi-unit discount on its website, and the Reseller bundles the same number of units (e.g., bottles), the MAP for the bundle is the discounted price reflected on the Wild Warrior Nutrition website. The MAP for Products bundled in any way that is not bundled and discounted by Company is the single-unit price of each Product. For example, if Company offers a 4-bottle discount on a Product, Reseller may advertise the same 4-bottle discount but may not advertise a discount on two bottles. 

• Resellers may not advertise the Products at a price below the MAP. Advertising includes, but is not limited to, (i) print and broadcast media advertising such as catalogs, newsletters, newspaper, podcasts, radio, social media, and television, (ii) online pay-per-click advertising, (iii) internet sites such as online portal sites, auction and shopping sites, natural or paid search engine listings, banner advertisements, and Reseller’s own websites, and (iv) direct mail and e-mail. 

• Sales incentives may be advertised but not in a way that results in advertising or showing a price for the Product that is below MAP. For example, “Buy One Get One” or “BOGO” price advertising which results in an advertised price for any single Product below the MAP is not permitted. 

• Special unadvertised, limited-time, in-store discounts are permitted; however, this exception does not apply to online business.

• All Resellers are responsible for maintaining compliance with the MAP Policy. Authorized Resellers are responsible for ensuring their Reseller customers comply with and enforce the Policy. If you are an Authorized Reseller and have not already, you need to create an online Wild Warrior Nutrition account, via our website, www.WildWarriorNutrition.com, and access the most current Policy details by visiting our Wholesaler Application page. 

2. Compliance 

• All Resellers must comply with this MAP Policy. If it is determined by the Company that a Reseller has violated the terms of this MAP Policy and/or selling practices set forth herein, the Company may require all Resellers (not just the party which sold Products to the offending Reseller) to cease and desist all further sales to that offending Reseller. It is the responsibility of all Resellers of the Products to assist in the policing of this MAP Policy as to those persons to whom they, or other Resellers, sell the Products, and if a violation is discovered, to immediately contact the Company with the identity of the offending party (regardless of which Reseller may have actually sold the Product), as well as the facts and circumstances surrounding the alleged violation. 

• This MAP Policy relates only to advertised prices and does not restrict the actual sales price at which a Product is sold. 

• The Policy may be changed at any time without advance notice by the Company. You are responsible for complying with the Policy as posted on www.WildWarriorNutrition.com. 

• The Company strongly believes in this Policy and has made it a condition of advertising our Products. The Company reserves the right to revoke any Reseller’s authorization to sell Wild Warrior Nutrition brand Products. Failure to comply with the MAP Policy may result in price restructuring, termination of sale and shipment of Products to you for the duration of the non-compliance, termination or your right to use Wild Warrior Nutrition copyrighted materials and trademarks, and possible termination of your contract with the Company.

3. Support by the Company To support and educate our valued Reseller partners, the Company offers: 

• Resellers may contact Wild Warrior Nutrition to answer any questions you may have regarding our products and ingredients; however, Wild Warrior Nutrition employees are not medical doctors and can not provide medical advice or provide personal use recommendations of any kind. Resellers and their customers are directed to their health care provider for specific questions regarding the suitability, use and contraindications of Wild Warrior Nutrition products.  

4. Company Contact If you have questions about the Wild Warrior Nutrition MAP Policy, please contact: Robert DiCroce, Director of Business Development info@wildwarriornutrition.com

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