Three Foods to Avoid for Faster Fat Loss

The Trifecta of Diet Killers: Three Foods to Cut for Faster Fat Loss

When trying to start a fat loss journey, it can sometimes feel like navigating through a minefield of crappy food and beverages, with temptations lurking around every corner. Further, some calories are just too easy to consume.

Among these dietary detonators, three have a notorious knack for sabotaging fat loss efforts: alcohol, sugary drinks, and the ever-so-addictive potato chips. Here's why you need to cut these out for faster fat loss.

1. Alcohol: The Party Crasher

Ah, alcohol, the life of the party and, unfortunately, the bane of your waistline. We hate to constantly be a buzz kill, but alcohol is not good for you. Now, we aren't saying you have to quit drinking completely or forever. It is just counter productive to getting lean.

While enjoying a drink or two may seem harmless, alcohol is packed with empty calories that contribute to weight gain, especially belly and back fat. Furthermore, it lowers your inhibitions, making that late-night pizza or Taco Bell run all the more appealing. Studies have shown that alcohol consumption can lead to increased appetite and caloric intake, not to mention its terrible for sleep and recovery.

So, next time you're out, perhaps opt for a sparkling water — your liver and abs will thank you.

2. Sugary Drinks: The Worst Thing You Can Drink

Sugary drinks are awesome! Who doesn't like a sports drink or a Coke at a baseball game? The thing is, this sweet siren song calling your name from the fridge is nothing short of a liquid fat-trap for those on a quest to get lean.

These beverages pack a hefty caloric punch without the satiety benefits of solid foods, making it easy to sabotage a day of clean eating. A 16 ounce sports drink can contain up to 200 calories. That means drinking 3-4 of these a week can add up to almost a pound of extra fat.

In essence, guzzling down a soda or a frappuccino is akin to drinking your way to a bigger belt, not fat loss.

If your goal is to look great at the beach this summer, stick to water, tea, and black coffee.

3. Potato Chips: Probably the Most Addictive Food of All Time

Last but certainly not least, potato chips — these insanely delicious snakes (snacks) have been strategically engineered to be overly enjoyable. That is, the food companies want you to over consume so that they make more money. 

These crispy, salty delights are not only addictive, but also calorie-dense and high in unhealthy fats like soy bean and corn based vegetable oils. What's worse, they offer little to no nutritional value and may even be fortified with hard to metabolize thinks are iron shavings, folic acid, and more.

To make things worse, they taste even better when consumed with a beer!

A better snack is to opt for beef jerky, cheese sticks, carrot sticks, cucumber slices, or any other low calorie option that satisfies your need to snack, without crushing your fat loss goals. 

While the path to fat loss is can be easy if you're disciplined, steering away from these three specific dietary derailers can significantly accelerate your journey to a leaner, fitter, you. 

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