Pine Pollen Tincture

The Pine Pollen Tincture: The Best Choice for Increasing “T” Naturally

If you're looking to take advantage of Pine Pollen's natural androgenic hormones and ability to support natural testosterone production, then the Pine Pollen Tincture is your best choice.

What is a Pine Pollen Tincture?

A Pine Pollen Tincture is a highly concentrated liquid extract of Pine Pollen’s natural androgenic hormones, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Our Pine Pollen Tincture is special in that contains a full 1000 mg equivalent of the hormones and other plant based chemicals found in pine pollen. It really is something you need to experience for yourself.

The Pine Pollen Tincture can be thought of like tea, in that the raw pine pollen is soaked and brewed, extracting the key hormones and nutrients into the solution. The pollen is then filtered out leaving behind the concentrated liquid form of Pine Pollen's potent antioxidants, vitamins, and phyto-androgens (e.g., DHEA, Testosterone, etc.).

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The Pine Pollen tincture "T" and other hormone support

Our Pine Pollen Extract Tincture is a special superfood that contains many plant-based hormones and precursors that are the same or similar to those produced by the human body.

As mentioned, the Pine Pollen Tincture is a liquid extract designed specifically to concentrate these beneficial components. The Pine Pollen Extract Tincture is the perfect superfood for those interested in:

  • Supporting the growth and maintenance of lean muscle
  • Boosting and supporting overall energy and vitality
  • Supporting normal healthy testosterone levels
  • Boosting sexual heath, libido, and “DRIVE"
  • Supporting the Immune System
  • Slowing the aging process
  • Supporting prostate health by helping reduce harmful estrogen levels

Why Use The Pine Pollen Tincture instead of the Powder or Capsule Form?

First off, Pine Pollen powder and capsules are both good choices for people who want to take full advantage of Pine Pollen's dense nutrition and unique phyto-androgen profile.

However, when consuming the raw Pine Pollen, some (a small amount) of the nutrients and potency of the Pine Pollen are lost through the digestive process and destroyed by the acids in the stomach.

When you use our Pine Pollen Tincture, the phyto-androgens and other key nutrients are absorbed directly into the blood stream through the soft tissues of the mouth, by-passing the digestive processes. This allows the body to instantly use a much higher concentration of the androgens and other nutrients available in the Pine Pollen Tincture.

In addition to this benefit, we believe our Pine Pollen Extract Tincture has a far superior taste to anything you will find on the market, which has a sweet, almost subtle black tea like taste.

How to Use Our Pine Pollen Tincture

Because of the higher absorption rate, the Pine Pollen Tincture is typically used by those specifically interested in taking advantage of Pine Pollen's unique ability to boost testosterone and support optimal hormone levels in the body*

When using the Pine Pollen Tincture you simply fill the dropper inside the bottle and place the Pine Pollen Tincture liquid under the tongue. You then hold it there for 1 to 2 minutes to allow the hormones and plant based nutrients to be absorbed into the blood stream through the mouth.

The remaining saliva and solution can then swallowed and absorbed through the liver and other normal digestive processes.


The Pine Pollen Tincture is the best way to use Pine Pollen, especially if you are looking to support your testosterone levels naturally. Our Pine Pollen Tincture is manufactured in the USA in an FDA cGMP and National Food Safety lab, and is tested before and after bottling to ensure purity and potency. Try it today!

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Our Pine Pollen Tincture may not be suitable for everyone. Always consult your health care provider prior to starting any supplement regimen, especially if you are currently on prescription medication.

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