Spine Exercises

Spine Exercises and Why You Need to Do Them Daily

Spine Exercises for Health and Mobility

Your spine is the spring that makes everything possible: it allows us to bend, walk upright, support weight, and more. Abuse it and you'll likely experience a life of pain and immobility. Here is why you need to do spine exercises regularly to keep your spine strong and flexible. 

You're Only As Young As Your Spine Is Flexible - Joseph Pilates

The sad thing about our spine is that we really don't worry about it until we start feeling pain. Then, we immediately want a Chiropractor or Doctor to give us a quick fix to alleviate the issue, ignoring our habits and inactivity that caused the issue.  

The problem with this approach is the same with treating most physical ailments: it's a band aid that doesn't address the root cause of the problem, in this case back pain. 

To prevent back pain and injury we have to take responsibility for the health of our spine and do spine exercises that build flexibility, mobility, and strength.  Essentially, you have to give your back the same attention that you would any other muscle; that is, biceps, triceps, etc. 

The spine probably deserves more attention in fact.

What Habits Contribute to Spine Issues

  • Too much sitting

  • Poor Core Strength

  • Poor Movement Patterns

  • Excess Weight

  • Poor Posture

  • Sedentary Lifestyle and Lack of Movement

Why You Should Do Spine Exercises Daily

LIke all joints the spine is a complex web of individual vertebrae, cartilage, rib joints, discs, pelvic bones, etc. When we don't stretch or move these joints regularly they can become stiff, shortened and misaligned. 

Over time this can lead to postural issues, bulging ribs and discs, forward head, kyphosis (humping or rounding) and more.  All of these issues can lead to serious chronic pain if ignored.

Doing spine exercises and stretches daily helps to keep these joints free, loose, and in alignment.

In this video Coach Jim Smith from Animal Ability demonstrates some great spine exercises. Check it out and then practice them daily for a month. You'll be amazed at how great you'll feel if you do.

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