Pine Pollen Tincture vs Powder

Pine Pollen Tincture vs Powder

What is a Pine Pollen Tincture

The Pine Pollen Tincture is a unique and powerful liquid extract made from the raw pine pollen of male pine cones.

There are several extraction methods, but basically, a Pine Pollen Tincture can be thought of as a tea where raw pine pollen is soaked and heated to extract key nutrients, then mixed with a carrier liquid like alcohol, glycerin, or MCT coconut oil.

Pine Pollen is one of the rare foods that contains pro-androgenic hormones and precursors, which become concentrated when extracted into the carrier liquid. This creates a unique and powerful way for you to take advantage of Pine Pollen’s unique properties.

Pine Pollen Tincture and Testosterone


Pine Pollen is a unique food that contains plant based analogs of androgenic hormones and precursors, including DHEA, testosterone, epitestosterone, among others. If you are interested in learning more about the unique properties of pine pollen, we suggested visiting our Pine Pollen Information page here.

The Pine Pollen Tincture concentrates these constituents within the carrier oil, which is why it is sought after by men wanting to:

  • Support Lean Muscle Growth

  • Boost Energy and Overall Vitality

  • Support Testosterone and Optimal Hormones Levels

  • Boost sexual heath, libido, and “DRIVE"

  • Support the Immune System

  • RecoverQuicker from Intense Exercise

  • Support Prostate Health and Estrogen Detoxification

Pine Pollen Tincture vs Powder

When deciding between a Pine Pollen Tincture and powder, you first need to understand the difference between the two before picking the product that best meets your nutritional needs. You should also discuss Pine Pollen with your doctor to determine if it is right for you based on your medical history, blood markers, and current medications.

First, raw Pine Pollen, aside from being cracked for digestibility, is a whole food. Because it is a whole food, raw Pine Pollen will provide your body with 100% of the nutrients contained within it, including: amino acids, hormones, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, etc.

The Pine Pollen Tincture on the other hand has been soaked and/or “cooked” (albeit slightly), which destroys many of the beneficial nutrients found in raw Pine Pollen. However, though many of the vitamins and minerals are removed during extraction, targeted nutrients such as DHEA, testosterone, and other hormone precursors are extracted in higher amounts in the remaining liquid.

So, as you can see, when it comes to the Pine Pollen Tincture vs powder, the key is in which nutrients you are after. If you want to take full advantage of Pine Pollen’s wide array of nutrients, then you may want to consider the powder or capsule form.

If your goal is to specifically use Pine Pollen for its unique hormone profile and testosterone boosting potential, then the Pine Pollen Tincture is likely your best choice.

Pine Pollen Tincture Dosage and How to Use It

If you choose to go the Pine Pollen Tincture route, then you also need to understand how to use it properly. Unlike raw pine pollen powder and capsules, which are swallowed with the fluid of your choice, the Pine Pollen Tincture liquid is placed under the tongue and absorbed by holding the liquid under the tongue for 1 to 2 minutes.

This allows for the nutrients to be absorbed directly into the blood stream through the soft tissues of the mouth. This process is called sub-lingual absorption, which bypasses the digestive system. Then, after holding the liquid under the tongue, you can swallow the remaining liquid.

Conclusion: The Pine Pollen Tincture is a unique liquid made from raw pine pollen to concentrate certain nutrients into a liquid that can be rapidly absorbed. When comparing the Pine Pollen Tincture to raw pollen the key is understanding your goals, cost, and individual needs. If you are looking to take advantage of the Pine Pollen Tincture’s unique hormone content, then the tincture is likely your best choice.

About the Author: Michael DiCroce is Founder and CEO of Pine Pollen Superfoods.

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