Join the World Carnivore (Low Carb) Month Challenge this January!

Join the World Carnivore (Low Carb) Month Challenge this January!

The start of the year is the perfect time to make positive changes in our lives, including the way we eat. For those who are following a low-carb diet or interested in trying one, World Carnivore Month is a perfect opportunity to sharpen your focus, reset your eating habits, and eliminate some of the extra weight gained through the holidays. This January, challenge yourself to go all-in on a carnivorous, or basic low carb diet with the World Carnivore Month Challenge!

More and more people are trying low-carb diets and getting amazing results. By cutting out carbs (even if only for a short time), you will be able to curb cravings, lose weight, and feel more energized throughout the day. Meat, eggs, low sugar yogurt, and cheese are some of the foods that are usually allowed on a low-carb diet. Even Joe Rogan is going all in on World Carnivore Month, so why not you? 

You don't have to be religious about it; just do you best to dramatically reduce your carbs completely, or at least below 50grams per day for the month of January.

World Carnivore Month - Get Started
Starting a new diet can be overwhelming, but the World Carnivore Month Challenge is easier to navigate since it involves a limited set of foods. It allows individuals to eat meat, fish, chicken, and animal-based products, but no plant-based foods, which means no vegetables, fruits, grains, or legumes. Going meat-only for a month sounds like a challenge, but it can be a lot less difficult than it appears on paper.

Again, don't worry if you can't go 100%. That is great if you do, but the goal is cut out as many carbs as possible. 

One of the most significant benefits of the carnivore diet is that it can help you lose weight, specially excess body fat. Animal-based foods are more satiating and nutrient-dense than plant-based foods. Thus, by eating more protein and fat, it can help you feel fuller faster and stay full for longer. Plus, since the foods on the carnivore diet tend to be less processed and contain fewer harmful additives, many people find it easier to lose weight on this type of regimen.

Another benefit of the carnivore diet is better digestion. By cutting out hard to digest plant foods, specific individuals experience reduced symptoms related to digestive issues, such as bloating, indigestion, and gas. Fiber has been shown to be important for the gut microbiome, but it is not without its problems. 

One of the most significant downsides of the carnivore diet is that it can be difficult to get enough micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals due to the limited choices of food. However, this concern can be easily addressed through carefully selecting different types of meat or supplement sources , for instance, beef liver is one of the best sources of vitamin A and vitamin B12. Organ meats such as heart, kidney, and testicle are also amazing sources of vitamins and minerals.

Lastly, the carnivorously-focused eating plan can work well for those with food intolerances or allergies since it avoids several common allergenic foods like nuts, soy, and wheat. Additionally, while it might be a hassle to eat out with friends on a carnivore diet, it's not impossible; most restaurants serve meat or fish. Plus, there is no need to worry about ingesting “hidden” carbs since the focus is solely on animal-based foods.

The World Carnivore Month Challenge can be an excellent way for you to save time on meal planning, create a solid diet plan that aids your health goals, and kick off the new year in the right direction. So, mark January 1 on your calendars, commit to the challenge, and watch how this diet change can change your life. With the proper preparation, even skeptics may find that the benefits of the carnivore lifestyle far outweigh the downsides. Remember, always keep your goals and dietary needs in mind, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. So why not participate in World Carnivore Month this January? Give it a try!

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