Irregular Sleep Can Affect Your Health: Choose Methylated Multivitamin

Irregular Sleep Can Affect Your Health: Choose Methylated Multivitamin

Just like a healthy diet and exercise, good sleep is very important for the body. The overall functionality of the body can be significantly hampered if you don’t get adequate sleep. 

Irregular sleep or sleep deprivation can even lead to serious health problems:

Impaired Cognition

Lack of sleep can directly affect your cognition as it hampers your ability to process complex information and raises difficulty in focusing on tasks. Even the ability to learn and process new things reduces significantly. So, to have a positive cognition level, you must get regular sleep. 

Higher Level of Anxiety 

Anxiety and deprived sleep are interconnected. Excess worries or fear makes it harder for an individual to sleep and sleep deprivation worsens the anxiety. Many people suffer from anxiety disorders which can differ among everyone based on mild impairment, moderate impairment to severe impairment. If an individual doesn’t get enough sleep and persistently faces this issue, then situations can worse. 

Stroke Risk/Cardiovascular Health

Poor sleep cycles or deprived sleep can directly affect the cardiovascular health of the body. It raises heart rate, increases blood pressure, leads to plaque buildup, and also puts stress on the heart, ultimately increasing the chances of strokes. 

Increased Risk for Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease wherein the sugar level of the blood is high and the body is not effectively responding to insulin. You might think about how sleep is connected to diabetes. Well, for all those who aren’t aware, lack of sleep can reduce the release of insulin in the body, which later increases the risk of diabetes. 


Sound sleep plays a vital role in restoring the energy of the body and also is important for effective emotional regulation. But when your body is sleep-deprived, you face difficulty in regulating emotions, leaving you vulnerable to depression. You tend to face difficulty in coping with changes and negative thoughts tend to circle you, significantly affecting your mental health. 

Weight Gain

Lack of sleep causes hormonal imbalance leading to an increase in a hormone called ghrelin which is associated with increasing appetite and lowers the hormone leptin which is linked to feeling less full, ultimately leading to weight gain issues.

To avoid sending an invite to diseases to enter your life, you must get sufficient sleep and encourage healthy practices. Lack of sleep can hamper the entire functioning of your body. Further, if you want to improve cognitive function or mood regulation then you can shop for Methylated Multivitamin Capsules. To learn more about this product, you can visit here. 

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