How to Lose Fat Fast Over 40

How to Lose Fat Fast Over 40 - Rapid Fat Loss

Learning how to lose fat fast over 40 and keep it off takes a new game plan.

Here are some tips our fitness contributor Kevin Rail from My Inferno Body suggests you try for rapid fat loss.

It can be depressing to look back and remember your teens and twenties, when you could eat late night Taco Bell, drink every night, and never put on a pound.

I can remember in College going to the recreation center and even smelling the beer and vodka oozing from my fellow student’s pores, yet none of them looked out of shape and unhealthy, relatively speaking. Likely you were the same.

That is because your metabolism, hormones, and every other system in your body was at its peak and could burn off the daily onslaught of bad calories and lack of sleep with out adding a ton of body fat.

Sure, some people put on the freshman 15, but that was an exception, not the norm for most of us.

However, after 40 things begin to change and rapid fat loss and “sustained fat loss” require you to adopt more disciplined approach and to implement a few changes to the way you eat and workout.

This is because your metabolism and hormones naturally slow down and change, causing your body to naturally put on extra weight and respond differently to food and workouts.

The problem is you are probably still eating and working out the way you did in our 20s, which is why you likely don’t experience the rapid fat loss or muscle building you desire.

If you are feeling like you want to lose fat fast this year, try these tips from Coach Kevin. Watch the video for a broader explanation of each tip.

How to Lose Fat Fast Over 40

  1. Avoid eating outside of your eating window and fast for 24-48 hours periodically

  2. Workout in the morning before eating (if possible) to take advantage of your bodies lack of readily available calories

  3. Add high intensity interval training sessions to your routine to burn more calories during your workouts

  4. Focus on building muscle and creating workouts around compound lifts that use multiple joints. Do this 3-4 days per week.

  5. Increase your fiber intake to promote gut health and help you avoid snacking between meals.

  6. Bonus: Walk for 15-20 minutes a day. Even if you can’t get to the gym, walking is an easy way for you to burn a little fat and also for winding down after a long day.

Conclusion: If you want to lost fat fast, then you need a different game plan. Some of the elements are the same, but how and when you incorporate them through out the day can be the difference between rapid fat loss and struggling with the same results you are use to.

How to Lose Fat Fast Over 40 - Rapid Fat Loss - Kevin Rail

Coach Kevin - Lean at 49

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