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Great Kettlebell Cardio Exercises and Flows for Burning Fat Fast

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If you want to burn fat fast, try adding these Kettlebell cardio exercises and flows to the end of your workout.

Why You Should Use Kettlebell Cardio Exercises Instead of Cardio Machines

Traditional cardio is not only an inefficient way to burn fat; it's boring as hell. Kettlebell cardio exercises not only burn more fat; they also build strength, muscular endurance, and challenge the brain.

These three traits are why Kettlebell cardio exercises are so much better than staring at the wall walking on a treadmill for hours on end.

Mindless cardio on treadmills and stationary bikes can be effective if used properly, like when performing intervals or sprints, but most people don't use them that way.

Most people press START, put their ear buds in, and then steadily trudge along at a pace that will barely raise their heart rate, let alone build any real cardiovascular capacity. But I digress.

If you want to really burn fat and gas your cardiovascular system, give these kettlebell cardio exercises a try.

How to Do Kettlebell Cardio

There are two ways to use Kettlebells for cardio: 1) for time, and 2) for short intervals.

Long intervals are typically used for things like clean and press or long cycle, where you try to complete the exercise for a period of long intervals like 5 to 10 minutes.

More explosive exercises like Kettlebell Swings are better for shorter more intense intervals.

5 Great Kettlebell Cardio Exercises and Flows

Kettlebell Cardio Exercise #1: Swings

Kettlebell Swings are the king of Kettlebell cardio exercises and are an amazing way to work your entire posterior chain; i.e., glutes, hamstrings, lower back, etc.

They're also great because there are numerous variations, so you won't get bored. For example: you can do single Kettlebell Swings for time; or mix it up and do alternating single Kettlebell Swings, Double Swings, Suitcase Swings, etc.

Either way, this is an easy go to Kettlebell cardio exercise to throw in at the end of your workout.

Kettlebell Cardio Exercise #2: Single Kettlebell Clean and Press

The clean and press is another great Kettlebell cardio exercise and is a great way to build strength and power, while also building muscular endurance.

When doing clean and presses for time it is best to use a lighter weight than you would otherwise use for this exercise. It is also important to remember to go slow and focus on rep quality, rather than speed.

The goal is to do the exercise for a specific length of time, not rep count or for a given weight.

Kettlebell Cardio Exercise #3: Single Kettlebell Clean to Back Lunge

The clean to back lunge is another great way to incorporate the clean into your cardio routine. Like the clean and press, this exercise is best when done under control and good form for a given period of time, like for 5 to 10 mins.

Kettlebell Cardio Exercise #4: High Pulls

High Pulls are an intense Kettlebell cardio exercise like Swings, and are best when used for short intense bursts of work. High Pulls are great for working the shoulders, trap, back, and legs.

Kettlebell Cardio Exercise #5: Bottoms Up Goblet Squat with a Shoulder Halo

The Bottoms Up Goblet Squat with a Halo is probably our favorite Kettlebell cardio exercise of the all, which is why we left it for last. Not only is it easy for just about anyone to do; it is an incredible leg, grip, and shoulder killer.

Like the clean and press exercises, this Kettlebell cardio exercise is best when performed for longer intervals between 5 and 10 minutes long.

Check out the video below for a demo of each of these exercises and some tips or incorporating all of them into one killer cardio workout.

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