Why You Need to Ditch Your Multivitamin with a Methylated Multivitamin

Ditch the Cheap Vitamin - Unleash the Power of Methylated and Fermented Multivitamins

Multivitamins as a great way to fill in nutritional gaps and boost our overall wellness, especially when combined with targeted superfood consumption. However, not all multivitamins are created equal. The truth is, the form and process through which these vitamins are prepared can significantly influence their effectiveness. This is where methylated and fermented multivitamins come in. Here's why you need to upgrade your multivitamin today.

A Closer Look at Methylated Multivitamins

Methylated multivitamins refer to vitamins that have been converted into their 'active' form – the form that our bodies can readily absorb and utilize. This is particularly important for individuals with genetic mutations like MTHFR that impair the body's ability to metabolize or 'activate' certain vitamins, especially B-vitamins and folate.

Methylated vitamins bypass this metabolic step, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their genetic predisposition, can benefit from their intake. By choosing a multivitamin with methylated forms of B-vitamins and folate, you're ensuring that your body gets the most out of your supplement.

The Magic of Fermented Multivitamins

Fermentation is an age-old process used to preserve food, enhance its flavor, and, as recent research suggests, amplify its nutritional value. Fermented multivitamins are subjected to a natural fermentation process before being packaged. This process involves the breakdown of the compounds by beneficial bacteria, making the nutrients more bioavailable – or easier for our bodies to absorb and use.

Additionally, fermentation can increase the production of certain nutrients and produce beneficial enzymes and probiotics. This means that fermented multivitamins not only offer enhanced nutrient absorption, but may also support digestive health.

Why Choose Methylated and Fermented Multivitamins?

The combination of methylation and fermentation takes multivitamins to the next level. Even if you do not have the MTHFR mutation, you should avoid taking cheaper multivitamins. Because they are not in a readily available from (e.g., cyanocobalamin vs methylcobalamin), most people will not get the full benefit of these vitamins, thus you are basically wasting your money to some degree. 

With methylated and fermented multivitamins, you're getting a supplement that's designed for optimal absorption and utilization. This means that you're likely to experience more noticeable benefits, from increased energy levels to improved brain function and more robust immune health. Even if you have to pay a little more for it. 

While targeted superfood consumption is great for addressing a specific need, we all need to cover our bases. A solid multivitamin, especially those with a wide array of B vitamins is essential for giving your body the raw materials it needs to operate and repair itself. 


In a world full of health advice and countless supplements, making the right choices can feel overwhelming. It can also be easy simply to grab the cheapest product available when money is tight. But by understanding the power of methylated and fermented multivitamins, you're taking a significant step towards better health, even when paying more. Trust us, it is worth the money.

These multivitamins offer superior absorption, provide added digestive benefits, and cater to your body's unique genetic makeup. So why settle for less? Opt for methylated and fermented multivitamins and let your journey towards optimal health begin.

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