15 Minute Bodyweight Chest Workout

15 Minute Bodyweight Chest Workout

You don't need a rack of dumbbells or a bench press to build a strong chest. Do this bodyweight chest workout and we promise your chest will be screaming.

Warm-up and Mobility Work:

    • Shoulder, Elbow, and Wrist Circles (10 Each Direction)
    • Body Pump Exercise - 3 Sets of 10-15 Reps
    • 10-15 Minutes of Cardio (Your Choice)

      Main Workout:

      Instructions: Complete the prescribed number of reps for each exercise in the bodyweight chest workout before moving to the next exercise. Rest as much as needed between each exercise; however, try to complete the workout in 15 minutes or less.

      1. Traditional Push Ups: 10-15 Reps
      2. Crucifix Plank: 1 Minute Static Hold
      3. Diamond Push Ups: 10-15 Reps
      4. Bench Dips: 10-15 Reps
      5. Incline Push Ups: 10-15 Reps
      6. Stability Ball Chest Squeeze: 1 Minute Static Hold
      7. Decline Push Ups: 10-15 Reps

        Bodyweight Chest Workout Tips:

        • Parallel Bar Dips are better than Bench Dips if you have access to them. We have chosen to go with Bench Dips in this bodyweight chest workout because we assume most people will be doing the workout at home.
        • If you don't have a stability ball, a basketball or soccer ball will work well for the chest squeeze exercise. You can also press your palms together.
          15 Minute Bodyweight Chest Workout
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