Cherry Limeade Refresher with Pine Pollen

Cherry Limeade Refresher with Pine Pollen

This post workout recovery drink will supply your body with the vitamins, minerals, anti-inflammatory chemicals, and amino acids you need to repair those muscles and recover from your intense workouts.

Why do you need to focus on post-workout recovery?

Workouts and physical activity are obviously important, but it's what you do between your workouts that truly matter. Your body can only grow stronger and repair if you rest and give it the nutrition it needs to create hormones and repair the damaged tissue.

It's especially important to get a solid dose of amino acids after your workouts, as they are the building blocks of muscle. As a complete protein, Pine Pollen provides the body with 19 different amino acids, including all of those essential to building muscle.

It is also important to replace the lost minerals and electrolytes that are excreted through sweating. The cherries, fresh lime, and himalayan sea salt supply the body with a mega dose of Vitamin C, antioxidants, minerals, and those vital electrolytes.

After your next workout fire up your blender and give this a try. The Cherry Limeade Refresher is great for sipping on before or after your workouts, or whenever you feel your body needing a dose of nutrients.


  1. Pour 16 - 24 oz of water into a blender

  2. Add 1 Cup of ice

  3. Add 1 teaspoon of Raw Pine Pollen Powder

  4. Add 1 Cup of fresh or frozen Black Cherries

  5. Add 1 Freshly squeezed Lime

  6. Add a pinch of Himalayan Sea Salt to taste

  7. Blend thoroughly

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