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Key Benefits of Eating Rocky Mountain Oysters (Beef Testicle Powder)

Benefits of Rocky Mountain Oysters

Bull Testicles (aka, "Rocky Mountain Oysters") are an incredibly nutrient dense food with many health benefits.

Eaten around the world, Rocky Mountain Oysters were made famous by ranchers in Colorado and Utah, who like to serve them up deep fried with ketchup or BBQ sauce. However, despite their powerful nutrient profile, many people shy away from this superfood. Understandably so, as it is obviously a little weird eating the "balls" of an animal.

That is why we created our grass-fed beef testicle capsules. Now you can enjoy the unique health benefits of this amazing superfood, without the psychological anxiety of choking down a plate of Rocky Mountain Oysters.

Here's why you should consider adding our grass-fed bull testicle capsules to your supplement routine.

Organs as Superfoods

Have you ever watched a documentary on predators like Wolves, Lions, or Tigers? If so, you may have noticed that when they kill their prey they instinctively eat the organs, including the Rocky Mountain Oysters, and leave most of the muscle meat to the scavenger animals like Hyenas, Vultures, etc.

Why is that? Well, it is because the organs are where the highest concentration of vitamins, minerals, hormones, and beneficial enzymes are located. The Lion instinctively knows this, which is why they eat as many organs as they can.

You see, when an animal eats a plant, the organs naturally get first priority and concentrate large amounts of vitamins and minerals within. These nutrients are then used by the animal's organs to create other vitamins, enzymes, and hormones, making the organs crazy dense with nutrients.

Organs not only contain large amounts of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and hormones; they are also in a form that is more easily used by the body, which is why humans and animals benefit so greatly when consuming them.

For example: 100 grams of beef liver can contain up to 3,500% of our bodies daily required amount of Vitamin B-12 (1).

Plants obviously contain beneficial compounds too, but most plants don't want to be eaten, so often beneficial nutrients are accompanied by anti-nutrients, which makes some of the nutrients hard to absorb, or in some cases, not be absorbed at all.

According to Dr. Paul Saladino author of The Carnivore Code, "Organs are the most nutrient rich parts of the animal and are an absolute essential part of the human diet." In addition to observing predatory eating behavior, Dr. Saladino has noted that there is substantial evidence to support that our ancestors not only ate, but thrived on organ meats (including Rocky Mountain Oysters).

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2 Key Benefits of Eating Rocky Mountain Oysters (Beef Testicle)

Benefit #1: Rocky Mountain Oysters May Support Testicle Health Reproductive "DRIVE" and Hormone Health

According to, the testicles primary role is to produce testosterone and sperm. They also produce many other enzymes and precursors that aid in the production of both (2).

Our bull testicles are freeze dried immediately after harvesting preserving the T of the animal, along with its precursors, enzymes, and other co-factors necessary for the production of both testosterone and sperm.

Though each animal is different and these nutrients are not standardized, it is believed that consuming Rocky Mountain Oysters helps nourish the testes and may aid in keeping the testicles healthy, supporting men's health and hormone production.

Admittedly, more research is needed to determine to the full extent of this benefit, but we are confident based on the use of organs such as liver and desiccated thyroid, that the body does absorb and use the nutrients and constituents like hormones provided by organ meat.

It also makes logical sense that if they weren't beneficial, predators would eat the meat and leave the organs to the scavengers, which they don't. The Lion knows as king that he/she is entitled to the best parts of the animal and that it must eat them if it wants to thrive.

Benefit #2: Rocky Mountain Oysters are full of Vitamins, Minerals, and Protein

Another great benefit of Rocky Mountain Oysters is that they are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and protein. As mentioned earlier, the organs are the heart of the body (no pun intended), and keep the animal alive and healthy.

Because of this, the organs get first dibs on any minerals that are absorbed through the animals diet (humans are the same).

If the organs fail, the rest of the body goes with it and death can follow immediately or slowly as the organ shuts down. Many "symptoms" of aging are the direct effect of the organs becoming inefficient or failing over time. This is applies to the testicles, which can become inefficient at making testosterone as we age, contributing to andropause and all the issues associated with low testosterone.

In terms of the testicles, Rocky Mountain Oysters are great sources of key minerals required by the testes for optimal function; that is, zinc, selenium, iron, etc. (3)

Normal testicular function is essential for male health and reproduction, which is why getting these minerals is so important for optimal health and reproductive "DRIVE".

As mentioned previously, the amount of these minerals in each serving will vary greatly depending on the animals diet, soil quality, supplements the animal was given, etc.

However, an analysis conducted by Colorado State University, confirmed Rocky Mountain Oysters to be classified as either an "Excellent Source" or "Good Source", per the USDA guidelines, for a variety of vitamins and minerals, including: Vitamin K, Vitamin D, Vitamin B-12, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E. (3)

Our grass-fed bull testicles are freeze-dried preserving these nutrients, unlike desiccated products that are dried using heat, which can damage or destroy many of these delicate nutrients.

If you are interested in learning more about why nutrients contained in organs are easier to absorb from organs than plants, we highly recommend you read Dr. Paul Saladino's book, The Carnivore Code.

Additionally, in terms of protein content, Rocky Mountain Oysters are full of protein. According to, 139 grams of raw Rocky Mountain Oysters contains 11 grams of protein and 182 calories. (4)

This works out to roughly 1-2 grams of protein and 18ish calories per serving of our Rocky Mountain Oyster Capsules.

Conclusion: Organs like Rocky Mountain Oysters are incredibly nutrient dense, which is why you should consider adding them to your diet (Doctor's approval of course). In addition to being loaded with vitamins, minerals, and protein, beef testicle contains unique enzymes, hormones, and precursors that are believed to nourish and support testicle health and sperm production.

If you're interested in taking advantage of the nutrition of Rocky Mountain Oysters, but don't want to eat them, considering picking up a bottle of our grass-fed bull testicle capsules today.

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