8 Pine Pollen Benefits You Need to Experience

8 Pine Pollen Benefits You Need to Experience

The Key Benefits of Pine Pollen You Need to Experience for Yourself

Pine Pollen benefits are so numerous that it is hard to mention them all in one post, which is why we have so many of them on our website.

However, in this post I will attempt to outline a few of the Pine Pollen Benefits that you should really be experiencing and why you should replace your synthetic vitamins and garbage bodybuilding supplements with this powerful superfood.

What is Pine Pollen?


Pine Pollen powder and supplements are a proven and highly nutritious natural superfood and performance supplement that is naturally produced in massive quantities each spring by male pine trees.

Pine Pollen contains over 200+ vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids.

Because Pine Pollen is a natural food, all of these micronutrients are available in their natural ratios and in a form that is easily digestible and fully absorbed by the body.

What separates Pine Pollen from other natural superfoods is that it contains powerful phyto-androgens testosterone, DHEA, androstenedione, and androsterone.

These powerfuly phyto-androgens are similar enough to those produced the body that they too can easily be used to facilitate the body's many biological processes.

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Pine Pollen’s 8 Most Important Benefits and Uses

Pine Pollen Benefit #1: Pine Pollen Naturally Detoxifies the Body

Our environment is becoming more and more polluted everyday by smog, household chemicals, food additives, heavy metals, pesticides, xeno-estrogens, etc.

These environmental pollutants accumulate in the body overtime and can lead to many health issues including damaged or rogue cells, and endocrine systems malfunction.

Pine Pollen contains natural antioxidiants like Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), Resveratrol, and Brassinosteroids that help the body identify and eliminate these pollutants and excess estrogens.

Pine Pollen Benefit #2: Pine pollen is a Potent Anti-Inflammatory

Inflammation has been proven to be the cause of a wide variety of health problems, including heart disease, arthritis and cell damage.

Pine pollen benefits the body by naturally reducing inflammation, which is great for overall health and for serious athletes that are constantly trying to recover from sports and exercise.

Pine Pollen Benefit #3: Pine Pollen is Great for the Prostate

Pine Pollen benefits the prostate by supplying it with Gibberellins which helps regulate the size of the prostate. Additionally, Pine Pollen may help lower levels of estradiol, which is believed to cause an enlarged prostate and contribute to prostate issues.

Pine Pollen Benefit #4: Pine Pollen is loaded with Anti-oxidants

As previously mentioned above, Pine Pollen benefits the body by assisting in the detoxification and elimination processes.

Not only that, but Pine Pollen benefits the body by also protecting it from free radicals that can also contribute to accelerated aging and cellular damage.

Pine pollen is a potent source of superoxide dismutase (the body's master anti-oxidant) which has been proven to help destroy free radicals in the body by breaking down their structure and helping to eliminate them before they can damage tissues and organs.

Pine Pollen Benefit #5: Boosting Testosterone and Optimizing Hormone Production

Pine pollen is rich in phyto-androgens that can enhance the body’s ability to produce testosterone and increase the level of important hormones in both men and women.

Low testosterone levels can lead to many health problems including fatigue and sexual dysfunction. Pine pollen benefits the body by helping to increase and restore testosterone levels naturally.

Pine Pollen Benefit #6: Immune System Support

Many people in our country have severely compromised immune systems due to environmental pollution, over consumption of processed foods, too much alcohol, etc.

Pine pollen contains polysaccharides, which stimulate the immune system and enhance the body’s ability to fight infection.

Additionally, Pine Pollen benefits the body by supplying it with valuable minerals like zinc, that are essential to optimal immune function.

Pine Pollen Benefit #7: Increased Energy and Metabolism

Look around and you'll see droves of people suffering from low energy levels and potentially from adrenal fatigue. There are many causes for low energy and adrenal fatigue, but some of it may be due to low levels of the hormone dehydroepiandrosterone or DHEA.

Pine pollen benefits the body by supplying it with a natural source of DHEA, which can supplements the body's production helping to raise overall energy levels.

Additionally, increasing DHEA in the body may help speed up the metabolism which can reverse the symptoms of metabolic syndrome. Increased metabolism can also increase calorie burn and reduce fat storage (when combined with a clean diet and exercise program).

Pine Pollen Benefit #8: Increased Sex-Drive and Sexual Health

Pine pollen benefits the sexual functioning of the body by supplying a key amino acid, ar arginine. Arginine is a precursor to nitric oxide, which can increase blood flow in the sexual organs.

This has obvious benefits for men and women. Increase blood flow in the penis and female genital area is essential for optimal sexual functioning and sensation.

Additionally, the natural phyto-androgen hormones contained in Pine Pollen benefit the sexual processes within the body assisting to increase overall sex-drive, desire and vitality.

Conclusion: Pine Pollen benefits the body in many ways and is the natural superfood of choice for serious athletes and those simply looking to optimize their health.

Why take a crappy bodybuilding supplement or synthetic multi-vitamin when you can get everything you need from a real food like Pine Pollen?

Pine pollen benefits go beyond the few things discussed above. We recommend you check out some of the other posts and resources listed below for additional reading and consider adding Pine Pollen to your diet and training regimen.

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