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3 Benefits of Pine Pollen for Men


What are the key benefits of pine pollen?

Pine Pollen is an incredibly nutritious food. It has been used by men around the world to support optimal hormones, lean muscle, and a healthy libido. Let’s talk about 3 of the key benefits of pine pollen and why you should consider making it the center of your supplement regimen. 

First, what is pine pollen? It’s exactly what it sounds like: pollen from mature pine trees.

Pine Pollen has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine as a vitality booster and anti-aging tonic. As the sperm of the male pine tree, it naturally contains powerful phyto-androgens that can stimulate growth and hormonal activity in both plants and humans.

Pine Pollen has been shown to contain over 200 bio-available nutrients! This includes vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, and natural phyto-androgen hormones.

Because it’s a natural food and not a synthetic chemical substitute like most bodybuilding supplements, all the nutrients and androgens are easily recognized by the body, making pine pollen incredibly easy to digest and absorb. 

Pine Pollen is one of the best superfoods available. Here’s why you need to start experiencing the benefits of pine pollen for yourself today.

3 Key Benefits of Pine Pollen all men should experience


Benefit #1: Pine Pollen is Anti-Aging

Recent studies have shown that pine pollen may be one of the most powerful foods for slowing down the aging process. It does this by improving immune function and lowering the systemic inflammation that often leads to cellular oxidation.

This is one of the key benefits of pine pollen and the reason many men believe it to be the fountain of youth and key to long-lasting physical performance.

Some of the antioxidant-related properties of pine pollen that may slow the aging process include:

  • Increasing levels of superoxide dismutase (SOD), one of the body’s master antioxidants; 

  • Increasing glutathione levels, which helps to detoxify environmental pollutants and oxidative stress from the body;

  • Supporting endocrine system health; and, 

  • Reducing lipofuscin deposits which affect the heart, brain, and liver.

Benefit #2: Pine Pollen Can Increased Sexual Drive and Performance

Another benefit of pine pollen is that it supports optimal sexual performance and a healthy libido.

As previously mentioned, one of the key benefits of pine pollen stems from the fact that it naturally contains bio-available forms of androgenic hormones, which are essential to normal sexual desire.

Additionally, it contains a wide variety of other phyto-steroidal compounds that are essential for supporting and maintaining healthy erections, stamina, and a healthy sexual drive. 

The micro-nutrients and anabolic compounds in pine pollen are key to proper sexual function and help with:

  • Promoting an increase in sex drive and libido;

  • Supporting an increase and the healthy regularity of nocturnal penile tumescence (“morning wood”)...bad news for your wife and girlfriend if they aren't morning people;

  • Promoting optimal testicular and prostate health; and,

  • Aiding in blocking the elimination of harmful estrogens that can cause increased body fat, decreased sex drive, and other hormonal issues levels.

Not surprisingly, this is by far the most popular benefit of pine pollen among men – especially those looking to restore the sexual vigor they enjoyed in their 20s and 30s. 

Benefit #3: Pine Pollen Supports Lean Muscle Growth

One of the most desired benefits of pine pollen for men is that it naturally supports the growth and maintenance of lean muscle and optimal testosterone levels. The natural hormones found in pollen provide the body with a supplemental source of the essential hormones necessary to grow and maintain lean muscle.

As our testosterone declines with age, our body naturally tends to lose muscle through age-related sarcopenia. Supplementing pine pollen and combining it with a strength training routine can help reverse that trend and help men optimize their muscle-building potential. 

Pine pollen is also a complete protein and provides the body with 19 different amino acids, further assisting the body in growth and lean muscle maintenance.

Additionally, studies have shown that it has the added benefit of helping restore the body’s natural testosterone to estrogen ratio by blocking the conversion of testosterone to estrogen (read the study below on pine pollen and prostate health). 

Excess estrogen is the enemy of men everywhere and can throw a man’s entire hormonal system out of whack. This can lead to increased body fat (beer bellies), gynecomastia (man-boobs), decreased testosterone, and endocrine system problems that can dramatically affect a man's health and ability to build and maintain muscle. 

The natural hormones and compounds in pine pollen help support the body’s natural estrogen detoxifying pathways, restoring a man's natural testosterone and hormonal balance.  

Again, when combined with a regular strength training routine, the natural phyto-androgens of pine pollen can benefit a man by supporting the growth of lean muscle and contributing to an increase in overall physical strength and performance. 

In summary, pine pollen harnesses incredible benefits for bodybuilders, athletes, and other weekend warriors looking for a natural alternative to toxic supplements and dangerous performance enhancers, like energy drinks and chemical pre-workout powders.

What is the Best Way for a Men to Harness the Benefits of Pine Pollen?

Pine Pollen comes in several forms including capsules, powders, and tinctures.

  • CapsulesFor those interested in the overall health benefits of pine pollen, capsules tend to be the best and cheapest available options. Capsules are also the easiest way to consume pine pollen, as all you have to do is swallow them and there is no taste to deal with. 

  • Raw Pine Pollen Powder - Raw powder is also a great way to take pine pollen and provides the most value in terms of the amount of pollen you get for your money. The downside is that the powder must be mixed with tea, coffee, water or added to a smoothie, which some men may not enjoy. See our recipes for suggested ways to mix raw pine pollen into your diet. 

  • Pine Pollen Tinctures - If you're a male looking to maximize the hormone supporting potential of pine pollen, then the tincture form is going to be your best bet. Tinctures are concentrated liquid extracts of phyto-androgens and other compounds. The extract can be placed under the tongue to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream, bypassing the liver.

Conclusion: Though there are many health benefits of pine pollen, but the three most common reasons men choose to add it to their supplement regimen are for its potential to support lean muscle, improve sexual performance, and slow the aging progress. 

Not only does pine pollen supply the body with an incredible amount of micronutrients, but it also contains natural phyto-androgens like testosterone that can help a man build muscle, lose fat, and wake up every morning ready to raise the flag.


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