Use This Workout to Blast Your Triceps

Use This Workout to Blast Your Triceps

Here's a straightforward triceps workout you can incorporate into your routine once or twice a week, designed to target your triceps effectively. Perform 3 sets of 8-12 reps for each exercise, ensuring you take ample rest between sets.

Exercise 1: Swiss Bar Skull Crushers

1. Lie down on a flat bench, keeping your feet firmly planted on the ground.
2. Hold the Swiss bar above your chest with your palms facing towards your feet and arms fully extended.
3. Slowly lower the bar towards your forehead by bending at the elbow while keeping your upper arms stationary.
4. Once the bar is close to your forehead, push it back up to the starting position.
5. Ensure that your elbows remain close to your body and avoid flaring them out to the sides.
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Exercise 2: Cable Press Down Using a Resistance Band

1. Attach a resistance band to a high anchor point, such as a pull-up bar.
2. Stand facing the anchor point with your feet hip-width apart.
3. Grasp the band with both hands, palms facing down.
4. Keep your elbows close to your body and bend your arms at a 90-degree angle.
5. Push down on the band until your arms are fully extended, then slowly return to the starting position.
6. Maintain proper posture and avoid using your body weight to exert pressure on the band.

Exercise 3: Chest Supported Tricep Kick Back

1. Set an incline bench at a 45-degree angle.
2. Hold a dumbbell in each hand and lie face down on the bench.
3. Keep your arms hanging straight down with your palms facing each other.
4. Bend your elbows until your upper arms are parallel to the ground.
5. Without moving your upper arms, extend your forearms until your arms are fully straightened.
6. Slowly lower the dumbbells back to the starting position.
7. Maintain proper form by keeping your elbows in and avoiding any flaring out to the sides.

Remember to warm up before starting the workout and cool down after completing it. Focus on maintaining good form throughout the exercises and don't let the weights control you—maintain control over the weights. Always consult your medical professional before starting any new workout routine. 

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