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Recommended Reading: Ripped at 50 By The Certified Health Nut Troy Casey

Troy Casey Ripped at 50

Troy Casey’s book, Ripped at 50 is a great book for men looking for an outline on how to care for themselves and get in shape after 50.


Troy Casey (aka, “The Certified Health Nut”) is one of our favorite healthy warriors. Troy is a incredible man who has dedicated his life to helping people redesign their life and thought patterns toward something better.

Troy has lived the hero’s journey, overcoming a serious love affair with alcohol and drugs while living the wild playboy life of an international model, to become one of the most engaging warriors for clean air, clean food, clean water, and equitable economic systems.

Ripped at 50 outlines Troy’s 9 pillars for staying physically and spiritually fit in your 30’s, 40’s, and beyond. Troy not only does a great job of describing his 9 pillars, his personal story telling makes it easy to understand how anyone can implement them in their own lifes.

While many fitness books are based on complex diet and exercise routines that are unsustainable, Ripped at 50 is full of simple, practical habits, anyone can adopt to achieve a strong lean physique at any age.

We sat down with Troy to discuss the book, COVID, and his vision for the world. Make sure to check it out and to pick up a copy of Ripped at 50.

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