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What is He Shou Wu (Fo-Ti) - Benefits, Uses, and More


He shou wu, aka "Fo-Ti" is a herbal product commonly used in China. People have been using this herb for centuries to treat various diseases and maintain their health and virility. However, the main use of this herb is to prolong your ageing process. This health-beneficial herb boosts your health and ultimately increases your life expectancy and living quality. 

So you want to live a healthy and young life for a long time, don’t you? Here are some of the benefits of Fo-Ti and how this herb acts on your body to keep you healthy, young and good-looking.

Discover the Benefits of He Shou Wu (Fo-Ti)

He Shou Wu avoids ageing.


Mr He first found out the effects of He Shou wu on ageing. He suggested that two compounds, stilbene and emodin, increase life expectancy and act on the body to prevent the mechanisms leading your body to grow older. This herb also contains an amalgam of naturally occurring compounds already present in small amounts in your body to prevent their deficiency. So this herb will not only be helpful to prolong your life span but also to look young and healthy. 

He Shou Wu for hair growth.

Are you worried about your hair falling and looking for a miracle to happen to your hair? He shou wu will be that miracle that will improve your hair growth and make it healthy.

Hair fall is due to the insufficient supply of nutrients for the growth of hair. This happens when you are underfed or overlook your diet. Your hair pores are open when not nourished properly, and the blowing wind or any other invasion takes off your hair.

However, you can control your hair fall within a couple of days using He Shou wu and a proper diet. You don’t need to undergo any conventional treatment. Only a few days of use of this herb will strengthen the roots of your hair, and you will look young again!

He Shou Wu prevents health complications.

People are suffering from many life-threatening diseases around you, and you must be anxious about your health as your age progresses. Nowadays, every other person has diabetes and cardiovascular complications. But proper diet and regular use of He Shou wu herb can protect you from these diseases and help you live a healthy life.

Scientific studies reveal that this herb has many anti-inflammatory chemicals that block the inflammation in your body. This protects you from long-term complications like diabetes and atherosclerosis, all of which have a background of inflammation. 

Anti-inflammatory compounds have a beneficial effect on your skin and prevent all skin-related diseases. And the positive effect on the skin will make you look young and healthy.

He Shou Wu boosts immune function.

Many sugars are found in He Shou wu that boost the ability of your immune system to combat infections. And if you use it regularly, your immunity will be so strong that you will not get any infection or disease.

Studies show that the herb has constituent chemicals that increase the functioning of T and B cells that fight against pathogens. Hence, regular use of He Shou wu protects you from getting diseases and gives you a healthy life, especially when you are an older adult. 

Dr. Ubaid Khan (MBBS) is a contributor to Wild Warrior Nutrition. He received his medical degree from King Edward Medical University.


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